Jan-Willem van Bremen

Software developer, Skateboarder & Model!

About me!


Who I am

My name is Jan-Willem van Bremen. I'm a year old software engineer, skateboarder and model from Amsterdam! I'm a very social, diligent and precise person who can concentrate for long periods of time. I work well both solo and in development teams!

What I do professionally

Professionally I am a Software Engineer focussing on front-end web-development and a bit of Android development. I do this using technologies & techniques like HTML, (S)CSS, Type/JavaScript, Node.js, web frameworks (React, Vue), Git(hub), Agile Scrum and more! Check out some of my experiences & projects!


What I do for fun

For fun I have been practicing skateboarding for years on an amateur level. During my skateboarding career I have been sponsored by different brands and shops. Next to that I also do some model work for various street wear brands in Amsterdam.

Experiences & Projects

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Or, Email me directly! @ janwillemvanbremen@live.nl